Danmar Computers apart from having coordination role in the Medilingua project is also responsible for developing delivery system, which is base for all materials developed within the project. This system is a Learning Management System, but heavily customised and adopted to serve the training content also to mobile devices.

This is what we were focusing on in the last weeks, our programmers were very busy adopting LMS to the project needs. That included developing graphic design and working with Iberika in terms of content layout, user interface and course structure. We already have more than 70 users registered and while partners are gathering their feedback, our role is to reply to users' comments and suggestions, implementing relevant changes and improvements.

md dc 1

The course will be delivered not only via desktop or laptop computers, but also through mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. This require a lot of creativity from our developers, since there are basically no standards when it comes to screen sizes, resolutions or supported audio and video formats. Up to now we have tested the course on several devices and actually the result looks amazingly well, as shown below.

md dc 3